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Hiking/Treking Poles


  • EVA grip is light, comfortable and non-slip
  • Shafts are adjustable, ultra light and rugged
  • Adjustable from 26 in / 66.04 cm to 54 in / 137.16 cm
  • Quick Lock feature allows for fast and easy height adjustment
  • Durable carbide tungsten tips provide stability in dirt and turf
  • Interchangeable rubber tips and baskets included
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Customer Reviews

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Danielle Keahon
We were up in Vt for the Spartan snowshoe marathon

Unfortunately within the first 20
Minutes my poles broke my husbands did not.
Mine never stayed in the lock position and the clip to
Lock it was off center and broke so I was disappointed.
Also his snow shoes didn’t fit. We needed a set of small and xsmall straps that were missing to firmly lock his sneakers into place

Simple and sturdy

These running snowshoes are built strong and sturdy but are simple and lightweight. Not clunky or flimsy! I also love that they are made in VT. I'm Maine and wanted to purchase as local as possible. VT is amazing!

Randy Carter
Trek poles

So far I have no issues with this set of poles.Easy to set up.seem to be sturdy enough.good grip. light weight enough for me to run with. For the few times I have used them, I like them

Why NeviTREK Snowshoes?

We’re not like other snowshoe companies. We are experienced snowshoe racers and hikers and are passionate about the craft. We design, build, and use the product, so we confidently stand behind our creations! Our components are sourced and assembled in the USA.

All Dion and NeviTREK Snowshoes are Proudly made in Vermont.