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Here you will find various resources pertaining to our snowshoes and snowshoeing.

Table of contents

NeviTREK Binding Instructions

What Frame do you need?

Choosing the right Dion Binding

Choosing the right Dion cleat

NeviTREK Binding Instructions

Buckles are typically on the outside of your foot. But if the straps are too long, it might work better if you change left and right so that the buckles are on the inside. With the buckles on the inside, the extra strap length won’t get in the way of your steps. Squeeze the sides of the “quick release” buckle to open.

Step into or place the boot in the binding, positioning the foot forward enough so that the toe strap pulls up over the boot and the cross strap fits nicely over the toe. 

Tighten both straps by pulling the strap away from buckle.  Your boot should be in there tightly. Lift up on cross strap buckle to loosen.

Bring heel strap around your boot and click into the buckle. To release the quick-release buckle, squeeze the sides.  Pull tightly to secure heel strap just above your heel.  Tuck in any excess strap into the o-ring.  If your boot is large, like many men’s boots, the strap may not reach around the heel far enough.  In this case, the o-ring can be moved to the other side of the heel slide.  The heel slide will have to be removed first.

What Frame do you need?

This will help you decide what frame is right for you.

Choosing The Right Dion Binding

Here is a chart to help you decide what binding is right for you and the way you are using your snowshoes.

Choosing the right Dion Cleat

This chart will help you decide which Cleats you need for the conditions you are using your snowshoes in.

All Dion and NeviTREK Snowshoes are Proudly made in Vermont.