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NeviTREK Binding Standalone


This binding is the same as what is used on the NeviTREK Snowshoes.  It can be ordered separately to be used to replace existing bindings on other manufacturers that use a hinge strap. Pieces are not attached permanently.  They are held together with screws for shipping.

Hole pattern: 4 holes - 1 1/2" left to right, 1 5/8" front to back


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Robert Gramann
Very Accommodating and Helpful!

Wanted to thank you again for helping me salvage my old Atlas Snowshoes which were in need of new bindings. It was between your installing new bindings for a very reasonable price or throwing into the landfill otherwise good snowshoes. You were able to help me out in short order and did great work. You know that when I do need new snowshoes I'll be coming back to you. Thank you so much!!!

Kevin Henwood
Retro fit bindings to atlas snoeshoes

Bindings and crampons seem well made. I re-drilled front two holes thru your bindings and crampons, to accommodate the 2 inch center to center holes on the atlas hinge. Attached bindings. Seem very sturdy and i am very happy with the quality of your bindings and the crampons are a heavier, guage than my original atlas crampons. Just a thought for any future customers doing a retro fit to another brand of snowshoes. If the hinge has a different hole measurement, it would be better not to drill front holes on your crampons so customer can drill holes as needed. There is some mechanical ability to do the work, but basic skills will do it. Took about 1 hr. Looking forward to using them as soon as the weather dumps some more snow thanks so much. I did send email to you with photos about a week ago. Thanks again

Thank you for the photos and description of how you used our binding on your Atlas snowshoes. We will look into getting our cleats made without the front holes.

Why NeviTREK Snowshoes?

We’re not like other snowshoe companies. We are experienced snowshoe racers and hikers and are passionate about the craft. We design, build, and use the product, so we confidently stand behind our creations! Our components are sourced and assembled in the USA.

All Dion and NeviTREK Snowshoes are Proudly made in Vermont.