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Binding for Wooden Snowshoes

Starting at $40

Binding for wooden snowshoes.  Thermoplastic polyurethane coated polyester material. Offers good flexibility in very cold temperatures and abrasion resistance.

  • Waterproof - will not freeze or stiffen in low temperatures
  • Easy on and off
  • Positive Foot control
  • Adjust to most boots and shoes
  • Two sizes available -
    • Large- comes with 44" strap
    • Regular - comes with 26" strap

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Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
T J Gordon
Great bindings!

Great, at least, on grass. I got them too late to try on snow, but they work just fine on the front lawn, and - an added plus - the neighbors find them entertaining. Seriously, they're much more easily adjusted than traditional leather bindings, they keep my boots from sliding forward, and I feel they'll perform just fine when there is, once again, snow on the ground. I did need a bit of video guidance with the installation, but helped by that the installation was super easy. I'm very happy with the bindings!

Kurt Koegel
Great service

I had a question about the Woden snow shoe bindings and received an answer in a hour after business hours!
Joanne sent pictures and information before I ordered to be sure they would be a good fit!

Why Dion Snowshoes?

We’re not like other snowshoe companies. We are experienced snowshoe racers and hikers and are passionate about the craft. We design, build, and use the product, so we confidently stand behind our creations! Our components are sourced and assembled in the USA.

All Dion and NeviTREK Snowshoes are Proudly made in Vermont.