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Sprinter Series

Starting at $140

  • 22" length - great for race training!
  • Reinforced decking designed for the sport and fitness snowshoer.
  • Complete with drag and wear minimizing Trail Tail, Super Strap Binding System and 1/8” tempered aluminum forward, aft and center cleats.
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Features polyurethane bindings that do not stiffen or crack in very cold temperatures. Bindings are easy to adjust and tighten to match any boot. The front toe strap keeps the ball of your foot securely in place and aligned with the snowshoe.




3lbs 4oz

Optimal Load

Up to 240lbs

Load refers to total weight of user plus anything they are carrying such as pack, equipment, etc.
Surface Area

138 sq in

Why NeviTREK Snowshoes?

We’re not like other snowshoe companies. We are experienced snowshoe racers and hikers and are passionate about the craft. We design, build, and use the product, so we confidently stand behind our creations! Our components are sourced and assembled in the USA.

All Dion and Nevitrek Snowshoes are Proudly made in Vermont and upstate New York